Supplier application

What does being a supplier partner mean for you?

Via the network, you can easily access up to thousands of live coach and minibus jobs on your mobile, laptop or electronic devices. As part of the Coach Hire Plus supplier network, there is no additional cost to you for becoming a partner, and you can search jobs over the UK or bid on the ones of your choice.

To start the ball rolling, we need just a few details to help us recover costs from our customers.

How does it work?

To register, fill in the form below.

Once your details have been registered with us, we make our customer quotes available to customers via email or by using the supplier portal.  

From here, you can:

  1. Set your own specific criteria for the jobs you want to see
  2. Quickly bid on the jobs that fit your schedule or choose the Buy it Now option to guarantee the job
  3. If you have a job you can’t cover, keep your customers happy by marketing the post

Existing suppliers

If you are already using the supplier portal, you will receive a unique login username and password that will allow you to:

  • See new jobs as they appear, even before emails are sent out
  • Easily refine criteria of jobs shown by vehicle type, area or travel date and time
  • Reduce number of emails you receive from us
  • Use the traffic light system for feedback on your bids to help you win more work

Register today!

The process will take around 10 minutes. To register as a new supply partner, fill in the form or for existing suppliers use this link.

Minibus or Coach

Equipped with satellite navigation (integral or cradled unit).

Carry suitable maps in case of failure of satellite navigation equipment.

Minimum of cloth interior that is free from any major damage including rips or tears.

As standard plus;

All passenger areas carpeted (this can exclude the central gangway).

Full air conditioning

Fully functioning CD/MP3 player

Passenger controlled overhead lighting (excluding minibuses)

Tinted windows

As executive plus;

5 years old or less

Be equipped with a TV (either one large unit or for individual seating).

Tinted widows with curtains.

Full leather uphoistery.

Adjustable seats.

Fitted with configurable seating including table facilities.

Passenger controlled heating and ventilation.